The mainprinciple of the law firm "Himoya" is an individual approach, whichconsists of maximum openness and striving to establish trusting relationshipswith clients. We strive to ensure that neither before the start of joint work,nor after, there is no misunderstanding, and according to the results of thework, each client could say: “I have reliable lawyers capable of solving any problems"Our Companyguarantees absolute protection of information and complete confidentiality ofactions. Any written material or verbal information will never go outside ourcompany.

The legal company "Himoya"is translated from Tajik as “Protection”. Foreseeing, planning and protectingbusiness owners is our job!

Navruz Odinaev

General Director of the Law Firm "Himoya"

On a voluntarybasis, he holds the post of Chairman of the Public Councilon policereform under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan.‍

He specializes in corporate and commercial law. Has 14years of work experience, 6 of which in companies in Moscow, RussianFederation.Is the # 1 lawyer in online legal answersinTajikistan.‍

NavruzOdinaev founded the Himoya Law Firm in 2016 afterreturn fromRussia. In a short time, the Company has earned trustlocal andinternational companies.

Articles and comments of Navruz Odinaev onlegal topics regularlygo to print.