What clients say about us

Zhernakov S.V.

Director of Sii Med LLC (Kazan, Russia)

Dear Navruzjon Hukumatulloevich! With this letter "Sea Med" LLC expresses its sincere gratitude and appreciation for the qualified legal services provided to us and an individual approach to our firm. We wish you good luck, success and prosperity for your company. September 26, 2019.

Mitsov Damyan

General Director of MITSOV LLC

MITSOV LLC represented by its General Director Damyan Mitsov expresses its enormous gratitude to Odinaev Navruzjon Khukumatulloevich for the qualified provision of legal assistance and representation in the Republic of Tajikistan in collecting debts from counterparties. We hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation.

Zebo Tadjibaeva

Executive Director of "Asia-Plus"

Media Group "Asia-Plus" expresses gratitude to you and your team for successful cooperation in the "Your personal lawyer" section on the website and in the newspaper "Asia-Plus", where our readers receive professional answers to their legal questions. For more than one year, your Company has always responsibly approached the readers' questions and provided clear and correct answers to both simple and complex legal questions, and not a single answer has been refuted. We consider it a great success that at one time we turned to you! We also express our gratitude for the attentive attitude to our problems and the excellent quality of the work performed!

Hasan Asadulozoda

Chairman of the Board of OJSC "Orienbank"

Dear Navruz Khukumatulloevich, Open Joint Stock Company "Orienbank" thanks the Legal Company "Himoya" LLC for cooperation and efficiency in solving legal problems of our company. I would like to especially thank you personally for the professionalism of the individual approach in solving any issues arising in the process of cooperation and the guaranteed fulfilment of contractual obligations. We wish your company success in its professional activities. financial well-being and we hope for the most fruitful cooperation.

Vysotskaya Larisa

General Director of "Ukrneftemash EPS"UKRAINE

Dear Navruzjon Hukumatulloevich! Limited Liability Company "Ukrnaftemash EPS", represented by General Director Vysotskaya Larisa, thanks you for the work done to protect the business reputation of our company and publish the refutation of the article in the local media. Your timely and high-quality legal assistance helped to continue doing business on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Kaloshin Kirill Sergeevich

General Director of Metal Profile LLC

Dear Navruz Khukumatulloevich! Let me express my sincere gratitude to the staff of the Law Firm "Himoya" for the qualified legal assistance provided to our company. We are glad that at one time we turned to you on the issue of state registration of "Metal Profile" LLC in Tajikistan and you completed all the tasks in a short time. We highly appreciate the quality of services and the professionalism of your company's lawyers.

Bayramov Rovshan Osman

Hayat Group Director

Dear Navruz Khukumatulloevich! Hayat Group LLC sincerely thanks Himoya LLC for cooperation. We would like to emphasize your high level of professionalism and efficiency in solving the assigned legal problems. For two years, your team has provided professional legal services to support the activities of our branch in Tajikistan on international projects. We hope that in the future our cooperation in Tajikistan will become even more fruitful and long-lasting. In turn, we will recommend your company to all our business partners in Tajikistan.

Davlatshoev Ozodkhon

CEO of Tcell

Dear Navruzjon Khukumatulloevich. CJSC "Indigo Tajikistan" expresses its gratitude to the Legal Company "Himoya" for the professional assistance provided by the employees of your Company. We highly appreciate the level of competence of your employees, their willingness to provide advice on time, resolve cases of any complexity, competently conduct business, protecting the interests of our company. I would especially like to note the merits and competence of Navruz Odinaev, in the course of our joint work, professional skills that meet the standards of the international level of qualification have been demonstrated. We look forward to further cooperation with your company.

Our clients and partners


"We are glad to announce that our Company was honored in organizing the start of activities of the world-renowned company SMEС in Tajikistan. SMEС employs more than 16,000 employees in more than 40 countries of the world, in Asia, Australia, Africa, Great Britain, the Middle East and America. We have successfully completed the first part of the contractual obligations and our work was highly appreciated by the Deputy Director of SMEC Mr. Muhiuddin Mahmoud. "

"We are glad to receive an official gratitude from the Company with the international name HAYAT Group of the Republic of Azerbaijan. We were entrusted with the registration of the HAYAT Group Branch in Tajikistan and for more than 2 years our company has been providing legal support for the activities of the HAYAT Group Branch in Tajikistan on an international project supported by the European The Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Today the Director of the Branch, Mr. Rovshan Bayramov, on behalf of the head office of HAYAT Group handed us a letter of gratitude and highly appreciated the legal services we provide. "