Пирамидальная структура

Climatechange is the quintessential crisis of humanity, threatening our very existencefor the foreseeable future. The stakes are higher than ever. We are competingwith nature. There will be no winners or losers in this competition. Either wewin together or we disappear as a species. In the fight against climate change,everyone can and should do their part. We are ardent supporters of eco-activismthrough greening and cleaning the environment. What gives us the right to bearthe proud name "Human"? Our answer is to live and progress in societybased on mutual respect and service to each other. Understanding our responsibilityto society, we try whenever possible, contribute to social development.

Investmentin talent

We believe in the inexhaustible human asset of our people. In conditions of limited natural resources and the economic crisis, it is highly qualified personnel that are the engine of the economy and progress in general. Following its values, the company «Himoya» is actively engaged in highly specialized and high-quality educational activities. More information about our educational projects can be found here.

Pro Bono publico

We firmly believe that legal services should be accessible to everyone, especially the vulnerable. That is why we invest time and effort in providing legal services on the Pro Bono principle, that is, on a free basis by publishing legal articles, legal comments and educational videos on topical legal issues.