Registrationof legal entities in Tajikistan
Comprehensive subscription legal services for organizations
Conducting contractual work, participating in negotiations at all stages of contractual relations

Registration of legal entities in Tajikistan

Legal company "Himoya" provides services for state registration,reorganization and liquidation of legal entities in Tajikistan.

We register companies on a turnkey basis including:

⋅ assistance in concluding a lease agreement for a legal address;
⋅preparation of the necessary documents;
⋅ submission of documents to the registration authority;
⋅receiving registration documents;
⋅ order and preparation of a seal (with the agreement of a Customer);
⋅opening a bank account.

Often,companies, along with the registration of a legal entity, order services suchas adaptation of company contracts under the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan and their translation into the state language (Tajik)

Our company accompanied the opening of such large foreign companies (branches andrepresentative offices) as:

Maxim Taxi
Metal Profile
Hayat group

Comprehensive subscription legal services for organizations.

Subscription legal services are the provision of legal services on a regular basis. This isan opportunity to receive qualified legal support at a significant discount, ata fixed and pre-agreed cost.

byconcluding a subscription service agreement with the Himoya Law Firm, you acquire a whole team of qualified lawyers, which significantly increases theefficiency and quality of the legal tasks performed;
the costsof subscription legal services are related to expenses, which allows you to reduce the amount of tax payments.

Conducting contractual work, participating innegotiations at all stages of contractual relations

developmentand drafting of legally competent documents, agreements and contracts;

legalanalysis of projects of future and existing contracts for their compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan and identification of risks forthe client, as well as development of measures to minimize such risks;

legal support in the course of transactions (including notarial transactions andtheir state registration).

preparation of written legal opinions


⋅selection of the form of taxationwhen registering a business;
⋅consultation on arisen tax issues;
⋅ tax optimization (taxplanning);
⋅ support of tax audits;
⋅ appeal against the results of taxaudits.

Representation of clients' interests in all courts of the Republic of Tajikistan

⋅ study of documents and preparation of an opinion on the problem with an indication of possible ways of furtheractions;

⋅ claim (pre-trial) disputesettlement procedure;

⋅representation in courts of general jurisdiction, economic courts and arbitration courts of all instances;

⋅recognition of decisions of foreigncourts;

⋅ debt collection, control of enforcement proceedings.

Amendments to the Unified State Register ofLegal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs

⋅Consultations on amendments to State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs;
⋅Change of the general director;
⋅ Change of founders of a legalentity;
⋅ the contract of purchase and saleof shares with a notary;
⋅Changing the legal address of theorganization.

Legal support of the state reorganization oflegal entities in Tajikistan

⋅ advising on the reorganization oflegal entities;

⋅ study and preparation of an opinionon the choice of a reorganization scheme;

⋅ support during a tax audit before the reorganization procedure;

⋅ support of the procedure of merger,accession of a legal entity.

State liquidation of a legal entity, Branchesand Representative Offices of foreign companies in the Republic of Tajikistan

Liquidationof a legal entity is a long and complicated procedure, which not all legalcompanies can undertake.

There are the following forms of liquidation of alegal entity (click to see the list):

Our company provides turnkey services for the complex liquidation of a legal entity,branches and representative offices of foreign companies in the Republic of Tajikistan. This includes:

To start the liquidation procedure of an LLC, it isnecessary to submit the following documents to the registration authority(single window) (click to see the list):

Thedocument on the completion of the liquidation of a legal entity (Branches andRepresentative Offices of foreign companies) is an extract (iktibos) from the register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs marked “barham dodashudaast” (liquidated).

Consultingand support in the field of administrative procedures, including licensing,patenting, certification procedures, etc.

⋅ Obtaining permits (licenses);

⋅ introduction of changes in permits(licenses);

⋅ renewal of permits (licenses);

⋅ registration of a trademark(service mark);

⋅ registration of relations with theauthor (patenting);

⋅preparation and filing ofapplications, patent office management;

⋅ obtaining a patent and itssubsequent support;

⋅help in the formation of a certification case;

⋅representation of the customer's interestsin certification bodies.

Protectingthe business reputation of companies

Our companyprovides services to protect the business reputation of companies on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan.